Do you doubt your voice?

Are you yearning to sing and speak freely, yet feel like you’re never good enough?

Do you tend to put others’ opinions before your own inner voice of truth?

Are you highly sensitive, overstimulated, and maybe even burnt out in this achievement-oriented culture?

Your truth was never meant to be silenced, and you do not have to stay stuck in fear – your voice is a gateway to self-trust.

Are you ready to open up your voice? Join me, Clara Strauch, in this self-paced, pre-recorded online course.

I have combined vocal and spiritual practices in Trust Your Voice — based on my fifteen years of working as a trained actor and singer united with my decade-long path of mindfulness meditation and earth-based wisdom.

The voice is a powerful medicine. In a world that tells you that you're too sensitive, or never doing enough, this course can help you relax and anchor deeply into yourself so that your unique gifts can emerge with ease.

You were always good enough, and you can trust your voice.

The Holistic View

  • Vocal practices stimulate the vagus nerve, which helps regulate our nervous system and activate the relaxed parasympathetic rest and digest mode.

  • When we open and free our outer, physical voice, we may also unlock our inner voice, as in: our truth, emotions, needs, intuition, and creative gifts.

  • When we connect inwardly through mindfulness meditation, it becomes easier to vocally express ourselves authentically and with ease.

  • There is a collective need to integrate yin qualities – such as slowness and softness – to establish safety for sensitive souls to blossom. And that is what I wish to help you with here, through working gently with the voice.

  • The voice engages every part of our being; the breath, the mind, the body, the emotions, the passion, and more. That’s why this course is divided into those elements – to help you befriend your whole self through the voice.


    1. Welcome

    2. Reflection: Intentions (9 min)

    3. Disclaimer

    1. Introduction: Air (5 min)

    2. Meditation: Mindfulness Of Breathing (10 min)

    3. Workshop: Connecting The Voice & The Breath (25 min)

    4. Singing & Chanting Practice: Air (14 min)

    5. Air Melody For Homeplay

    6. Air Prompts For Homeplay

    1. Introduction: Earth (5 min)

    2. Meditation: Body Awareness (13 min)

    3. Workshop: Connecting The Voice & The Body (27 min)

    4. Singing & Chanting Practice: Earth (15 min)

    5. Earth Melody For Homeplay

    6. Earth Prompts For Homeplay

    1. Introduction: Water (6 min)

    2. Meditation: Loving Kindness (14 min)

    3. Workshop: Connecting The Voice & The Emotions + Opening The Heart (24 min)

    4. Singing & Chanting Practice: Water (14 min)

    5. Water Melody For Homeplay

    6. Water Prompts For Homeplay

    1. Introduction: Fire (6 min)

    2. Meditation: Passion & Vision (14 min)

    3. Workshop: Connecting The Voice With Passion & Empowerment (23 min)

    4. Singing & Chanting Practice: Fire (16 min)

    5. Fire Melody For Homeplay

    6. Fire Prompts For Homeplay

    1. Reflection

    2. Integration

    3. Acknowledgements

  • $200.00
  • The course is divided into 4 elements. Each element has about 1 hour of content, broken down into shorter lessons. You can either do each element as an hour-long immersion into that theme, or space out the smaller chunks over days or weeks in a pace that feels good for you. 

Trust Your Voice is for you if...

  • You wish to open up your voice in a gentle, meditative, self-compassionate way
  • You doubt your voice, and want to learn to trust it
  • You want to get more in touch with your creativity, playfulness, and liberate your vocal self-expression
  • You are highly sensitive, and are looking for a soothing creative practice
  • You are longing to sing freely without perfectionism
  • You tend to put others’ needs and opinions before your own inner knowing
  • You feel anxious when taking up space, and long to feel more ease
  • You want to learn vocal practices that can help you regulate your nervous system 
  • You are burnt out in this achievement-oriented culture that tells us we always need to improve, and are longing to find a creative practice to nurture yourself just as you are
  • Maybe you are already a singer, speaker, or used to working with the voice, and you want to integrate meditation and spirituality with your vocal practice
  • Maybe you are already a meditator, and you want to integrate the voice with your spiritual practice
  • And more. If you're unsure if this is a good fit for you, feel free to reach out 


  • What is the format?

    This is a self-paced course. It includes around 4 hours of pre-recorded videos and audio lessons, with additional written material, and it is divided into 4 modules or "elements" (see the curriculum above). You can choose to either do each element as an hour-long immersion into that theme, or you can break it up into smaller chunks, because the lessons within each element are short (5 to 25 minutes). You choose what pace works best for you.

  • What is the price and how long do I have access?

    $200. You have lifetime access.

  • Do I need prior experience?

    No. This course is suitable for beginners. And it can also be a great support for people who are experienced with the voice and/or meditation.

  • What if I have more questions?

    Email and I'll do my best to help.


“Thanks to you I am now more secure in myself, and at ease in front of people. Now I know: there's no need to be stressed about the voice. I've learned to take up more space. You are a great teacher.”

Former student

“I have learned to trust myself, to have courage, to communicate with others in an open way. You helped me make new friends. Thank you so much!”

Former student

“The best activity of my day.”

Former student

“Strauch brings her diverse background to life through dreamily creative songs full of emotion and story.”

Atwood Magazine Music Review

“Raw, vivid, orchestral, and emotional, Strauch's Persephone is a look back on the hints of light and darkness that, together, make up what it means to be human...a full-bodied collection of gorgeous, meditative arrangements that take us on a slice of life's overall journey, painting moments of heartache that inevitably give way an enlivened, heartened place by our adventure's end. ”

PopMatters Music Review

Clara Strauch

Hi, I’m Clara: voice + meditation guide, artist, nature lover, and mystic. I’m Swedish/American, currently based in Sweden, and a traveler at heart. I have spent the past fifteen years working in professional theatre, music, and voice-over, and I’m a trained actor and singer (NYU Tisch School of the Arts). My studies included the voice, which had already been my great love since I was little. I have a deep yearning for inner growth and wellbeing, which has led me to study and practice mindfulness meditation for about a decade (under teachers such as a former Buddhist monk), as well as earth-based wisdom. As a teacher, I have previously taught voice, acting, and mindfulness meditation for actors, but this is my first online offering.